Players, Parents & Coaches

Planet Baseball is a well-organized and amazing experience for coaches and players. The opportunity to travel the world, encounter different cultures, make life-long relationships and play high-level competitive baseball is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There is no question that you will have the trip of a lifetime and it will be a major part in your educational and social development.
— Jon Martin (BATES COLLEGE - Head Coach)
Hey Coach! I wanted to thank you for all the work that we put in Europe. It has paid off and I am now committed to Virginia Wesleyan College! Thanks for the European experience!
— Connor Graham (Maryland)
It was incredible to watch my son grow and mature while learning new things about the game of baseball.
— Hector & Rosalind Torres (Parents – Georgia)
Being coached by college coaches and former pro players was incredible.
— Cameron Query (Virginia)
This trip was the best time of my life! The guys I met here will be life-long friends.
— Andrew Bruss (Pitcher – Illinois)
What a phenomenal experience! It was highly organized and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of competition. To combine the great game of baseball with touring some of Europe’s most beautiful and historical treasures was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I’ve traveled around Europe before, and taught the game all over the world...but I’d never had a trip that combined both pleasures so seamlessly. Sign me up again!
— Pete Wilk (GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY – Head Coach)
The best part was bonding with the boys. Building ever lasting memories on and off the field.
— Daniel Williams (Texas)
Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany. It was a very unique experience.
— Jack Silva (Texas)
I now have a better appreciation for what we have back home in the United States!
— Travis Craven (California)
Traveling to other countries is a great experience, playing baseball while traveling the world is a once in a lifetime experience.
— Jimmy Gulden (ARCADIA UNIVERSITY – Pitching Coach/Recruiting Coordinator)
The high level baseball we played, along with traveling, was exactly what I was looking for.
— Christopher Fiaschetti (New Jersey)
This trip was a turning point in my baseball career. The competition was great. It allowed me to see what next level ball was like.
— Zach Wiener (Maryland)
It was truly the experience of a lifetime and I can’t stop talking about it to other people...I couldn’t have been happier with the team and coaching staff...it was a 100% professional atmosphere...There is no way to possibly put that trip into words. Look forward to staying in touch, and once again thank you for such an opportunity!
— Matt Thomas (Canada)
Best part was having 2 weeks to pick all the coaches brains, and find out what I need to work on.
— Joseph Serna (California)
I met some new, amazing people. These friendships will definitely continue beyond this trip.
— Dillon Lagenour (Indiana)
I loved seeing how other countries play the game of baseball.
— Drew Patterson (Tennessee)
It was very big for me to see how people live in other countries...seeing how these people make the best of what they’ve got.
— Isaiah Torres (Georgia)
You tour the world playing baseball. What’s better than that?! 
— Kaleb Nixon (Georgia)
I’m happy to say that I recently committed to Vassar College because of my opportunity to play in front of Coach Martin…Planet Baseball was not only an amazing experience, but also a huge opportunity!
— Jesse Mulham (New York)
Thanks again! Great experience! Chris had the time of his life. The coaches were all great and the players were super. This was absolutely worth every penny.
— Anthony Rossi (Parent - Florida)
Planet Baseball is as first-class as it gets! What a wonderful experience...working with terrific young men on a daily basis, in an environment that yearns for baseball. I am truly looking forward to my next excursion with the Planet Baseball family and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that the players, coaches, and Jay Quinn afforded me.
— Greg DiCenzo (HOLY CROSS - Head Coach)
I made friends that I will keep in contact with for a long time.
— Paolo Cannatella (Texas)
My son can’t stop talking about the experience and the team’s chemistry. He’s already talking about next years trip! Thanks for keeping it fun and safe.
— Phil Lemmons (Parent - California)
The coaches made the whole experience enjoyable by finding a happy medium between being in charge and being laid back and chill.
— Austin Cocanougher (Kentucky)
It was an amazing opportunity to be able to coach and bond with a group of young motivated men, while experiencing the culture of another country and playing the game of baseball! The camaraderie was instantaneous and forever lasting memories were made.
— Jim Walsh (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Assistant Coach)
The baseball level was excellent, and I made good friends here.
— Jorge Tress Salvatori (Mexico)
Spending time with the guys and coaches was awesome. It’s always fun to be around people that love baseball as much as I do.
— Ryan Bresse (Georgia)
The opportunity to play with Planet Baseball will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Whether it is playing foreign competition in top flight venues or exploring a country and enjoying local cuisine, you’ll be embarking on a trip that will make an impact on your life.
— Jimmy Van Ostrand (BOSTON COLLEGE – Assistant Coach)
One of my favorite parts was trying traditional food in 3 different countries.
— Wesley Terry (Florida) 
Getting to experience how differently baseball is played in different countries was cool…very eye opening.
— Walker Musso (California)
We enjoyed ourselves so much during baseball and other activities, that the mental stress of the game was gone.
— Morgan Gray (New York)
Being a part of Planet Baseball has helped me see, not only the world, but baseball as well, in a whole different perspective.
— Jesse Mulham (New York)
Planet Baseball is a great way to see different parts of the world…and get to know players from all over the USA.
— Tristan Kim (The Netherlands)
Thanks again to you and the other coaches for taking the boys on this trip. Tyler really enjoyed himself and I’m sure he will remember it for the rest of his life.
— Tawni Blamble (Parent - Georgia)
I loved the Puerto Rican pro baseball game. The VIP experience, meeting the players was awesome...also loved the rainforest!
— Cole Gaskill (Texas)
It’s cool meeting and traveling with people who have the same passion as you.
— Chandler Kovar (Missouri)
Awesome experience!! Built some great relationships, and I look forward to seeing these athletes grow, further their careers in baseball, and whatever the future brings for them. Can’t wait for our next adventure!!!
— Stephen Larkin (Cincinnati Reds)